Portfolio Highlights

We have built a diversified and high-quality portfolio of urban assets that are competently managed and designed to capture growth and protect value.

Berlin Office Tower

Assets class: Office

Location: Berlin

Year acquired: 2013

Area (sqm): ca. 35,000 of lettable office area

Berlin Shopping Mall

Assets class: Retail

Location: Berlin

Year acquired: 2015

Area (sqm): ca. 25,000 of lettable area

Berlin Residential Development

Assets class: Residential

Location: Berlin

Year acquired: 2014

Area (sqm): ca. 12,000 (ca. 200 apartments)

Berlin Residential Repositioning

Assets class: Residential

Location: Berlin

Year acquired: 2006

Area (sqm): ca. 7,300 of lettable area

Düsseldorf Office Building

Assets class: Office

Location: Düsseldorf

Year acquired: real option 2012, matures 2018

Area (sqm): ca. 8,500 of lettable area

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